What is the truth beneath V5 Forex Global, as so many victims exposed it as a scam? (2024)

Abstract:V5 Forex Global is an online forex broker that currently has a serious problem. Many traders who invested in the broker cannot withdraw their money from the accounts of V5 Forex Global. Until now, we have kept receiving exposure to this broker. Therefore, WikiFX has published a series of related articles to take you through cases of fraud.

What is the truth beneath V5 Forex Global, as so many victims exposed it as a scam? (1)

Concerning V5 Forex Global

Newly-established forex and CFD brokerage company that offers online trading services to global institutional and retail customers. It offers STP/ECN execution with no traders intervening. The company provides access to a range of financial markets, including forex, metals, indices, cryptocurrencies, and shares, through its propriety trading platforms. The broker offers competitive trading conditions, such as low spreads, fast execution, and advanced trading tools, to help traders achieve their investment goals. However, due to this brokers recent behavior, we cannot give credit to this broker as too many victims complained that V5 Forex Global is the broker getting involved in a scam.

Legit or Not?

V5 Forex Global claimed itself to be regulated by NFA with license number 0554281. But we find out that the regulatory status is unauthorized. Therefore, we cannot consider V5 Forex Global as a regulated broker. In addition, WikiFX has given this broker a low score of 1.12/10 as the risk of investing in this broker is obvious.

What is the truth beneath V5 Forex Global, as so many victims exposed it as a scam? (2)

The mysterious relationship between V5 Forex Global and MTFE

On March 7, 2023, a YouTuber named “Jannats Vlog” upload a video called “What is V5 Forex Global? How can you earn $20/$50 per day from here?”. However, in the description section, She stated “Use the link to register on MTFE”. As we know, MTFE is an untrusted broker that blocks withdrawals and gives fake signals.

The link provided by this YouTuber leads us to the V5 Forex Global. Why does she mention MTFE in a V5-related video? We think the team of V5 Forex Global and the team of MTFE may be the same, at least they have some “cooperation”.

What is the truth beneath V5 Forex Global, as so many victims exposed it as a scam? (3)

Two months later, when we checked this video again, she re-edited “MTFE” to “v5”. See the picture below. It might just be a mistake to write “MTFE” instead of “V5 Forex Global”, but we wonder why not write MTFE instead of some other broker?

What is the truth beneath V5 Forex Global, as so many victims exposed it as a scam? (4)

In just the past 2 weeks, WikiFX has collected exposure from dozens of victims against V5 Forex Global. Protecting the legitimate rights and interests of forex traders are always the primary concern of WikiFX. To give you a better idea of the truth behind V5 Forex Global, WikiFX has instantly turned these cases into articles. To learn more, you can click on the link below to learn about each case.

The victim warns you of V5 Forex Capital On May 23, 2023, a trader told WikiFX that the forex broker V5 Forex Capital had scammed him. He lost all his profit while trading with this broker. Exposure 2023-06-06 相关内容
Another V5 Forex Global Victim - Funds Are Gone In Less Than A Minute V5 Forex Global, a broker operating without a clear license, allegedly defrauded a trader by making her account balance negative. Traders should exercise caution when dealing with unknown individuals offering trading opportunities to avoid falling victim to scams. Exposure 2023-06-06 相关内容
V5 Forex Global Blows Up Client's Account in 1 Second?! $1538 was wiped out completely by V5 Forex Global within 1 second even without any market movements. Keep reading what really happened. Exposure 2023-06-06 相关内容
The Unveiled Scam: How Trader's Funds Vanished with AUDJPY in V5 Forex Global Meta Description: Read the shocking story of a trader who lost all their funds while trading AUDJPY on V5 Forex Global. Discover the truth about this broker and how to protect yourself from similar scams. Exposure 2023-06-06 相关内容
Beware!!!! Wikifx got many complaints against V5 Forex Global Being scammed by scam complaints in the forex market is every day's story. If you are not alert and updated about the latest news of forex. There is a high chance you will be defrauded by the fraudulent broker. But where to complain and how to complain are more important Questions after you get defrauded by any of such Fraudulent Brokers. Exposure 2023-06-06 相关内容
V5 Forex Global: Automatic Closure of Trade?! WikiFX recently received a complaint from a frustrated user of V5 Forex Global, detailing an unfortunate incident that occurred while trading with the company in question. Keep reading to find out what exactly happened! Exposure 2023-06-06 相关内容
Loss of USD 9190.93 in AUDJPY: Another Victim of the V5Forex Global Scam In the world of forex trading, numerous scams have stolen hard-earned money from traders. One such case involves the loss of USD 9190.93 by an individual trading AUDJPY on the platform of V5Forex Global. This article will delve into the details of the incident and offer insight into the importance of verifying the regulatory status of a broker. Exposure 2023-06-06 相关内容
V5 Forex Global: Concerns Arise Over Withdrawal Issues and Lack of Regulation In the ever-expanding world of online trading, forex firms play a significant role in facilitating transactions for global institutional and retail customers. However, recent complaints regarding withdrawal problems and regulatory concerns have brought V5 Forex Global, a newly-established broker, into the spotlight. This article aims to shed light on the issues faced by investors and delve into the regulatory status of V5 Forex Global. Exposure 2023-06-06 相关内容
Risk Warning: Unlicensed V5 Forex Global's High Commissions - A WikiFX's Case The world of forex trading is often associated with high risks and even higher rewards, but it's essential for traders to fully understand the terms and conditions of their chosen brokerage. This becomes an even more crucial aspect when engaging with brokers that offer seemingly attractive trading opportunities. Today, we delve into a case revolving around V5 Forex Global, a broker promising high commissions that led to an unexpected and devastating loss for one trader. Exposure 2023-06-06 相关内容
“In half-second, my balance goes to -2k” User blames V5 Forex Global Forex scams are a growing concern in the financial world. These fraudulent activities can take on many forms, including Ponzi schemes, fake trading software, and false promises of high returns. It is important for investors to be vigilant and do their due diligence before investing their hard-earned money. Exposure 2023-06-06 相关内容
V5 Forex Global Manipulated Trades Big Time! This article aims to outline V5 Forex Global’s problems which were submitted by a compliant addressing the automatic closure issue and the exorbitant commissions imposed, raising questions about the broker's practices. Exposure 2023-06-06 相关内容
V5 Forex Global keeps trying to shirk responsibility as the victim asked for withdrawal. An investor's recent experience with V5 Forex Global raises concerns about the broker's commitment to resolving customer issues. This article aims to shed light on the investor's claims and emphasize the importance of selecting trustworthy brokers. Exposure 2023-06-06 相关内容
"My Balance turned Negative to 0" User Complaint against V5 Forex Global Scams are part of Forex. You can't ignore the fact of this vast market. The foreign exchange market is full of brokers that are just waiting for you to take your money and walk away. They pretend to be real but actually, they are scammers. People are trapped in their false-attractive claims and lose their money. Exposure 2023-06-06 相关内容
The victim claimed that V5 Forex Global was suspected to manipulate the trading process. The victim said that “the last transaction was not trading. It was automatically closed upon selling/buying. And the commission was too high.” Exposure 2023-06-06 相关内容
V5 Forex Global Auto Trade Closure Resulting in Loss This article aims to delve into the sudden closure issues that arose within the V5 Forex Global trading platform. Exposure 2023-06-06 相关内容
V5 Forex Global Legit or Scam? The forex industry has been defamed by scam brokers, causing people to be afraid of investing money in this vast market. According to recent reports, there are numerous cases of people being scammed by scammers in the Forex market every day. The exact number of victims is difficult to determine, but it is a growing concern in the industry. Exposure 2023-06-06 相关内容
Is V5 Forex Global, a Right Broker to Choose? User Complaint against it Forex market is full of Scammers. It is the saddest fact of FX market. If you enter here, you must be aware of this fact. Every day, a lot of frauds take place here, and very few victims have their hard-earn returned. As your well-wisher and a reliable forex partner. We are warning you about a broker you must stay away from. Nowadays we are receiving complaints against a Forex broker called V5 Forex Global. Exposure 2023-06-06 相关内容
V5 got a lot of commission when investors traded The forex market offers vast opportunities for investors worldwide, but it is crucial to choose a reputable broker to ensure the safety of funds and protect the interests of traders. Unfortunately, recent allegations against V5 Forex Global have raised concerns regarding the broker's practices. This article aims to shed light on a victim's claims of excessive commissions and difficulties in retrieving funds, highlighting the need for vigilance and awareness of potential risks among traders. Exposure 2023-06-06 相关内容
V5 Forex Global’s High Commission Burned Client’s Account Entirely The trading practices of V5 Forex Global come under scrutiny as a trader raises concerns about unilateral trade closures and questionable leverage practices, highlighting the need for transparency and accountability from this broker. Exposure 2023-06-06 相关内容
V5 Forex Global: Trade Closure Shock! Filipino trader raised concerns over V5 Forex Global's unilateral trade closures and questionable leverage practices, calling for transparency and accountability in the industry. Exposure 2023-06-06 相关内容
“V5 Forex Global blanked my whole wallet,” The trader who trade AUDJPY said. A trader named NAME Shahid claimed V5 Forex Global defraud his money. The victim traded AUDJPY in the V5 Forex Global platform. However, his account was hacked and the complete amount was defective making the amount go into minus. The victim wants his money back. The evidence showed below. Exposure 2023-06-06 相关内容
V5 Forex Global's Unscrupulous Practices Drain Clients' Accounts This article delves into the unexpected and swift closure of trades on the V5 Forex Global trading platform, raising concerns about transparency and accountability. Exposure 2023-06-06 相关内容

The negative exposure on V5 Forex Global has not ended yet. Up to now, we are still receiving negative exposure from investors on this trader. We have reason to believe that this company is a Ponzi scheme like MTFE.


This article summarizes WikiFX's continuous tracking of V5 Forex Global. WikiFX advises all traders to stay away from the broker. WikiFX is actively reaching out to the victims. Please stay tuned for more information.

WikiFX exposed these cases to the public to remind all traders of the potential risks. All traders should be vigilant when investing in a broker.

WikiFX keeps track of developments, providing instant updates on individual traders and helping investors avoid unscrupulous brokers. If you want to know whether a broker is safe or not, be sure to open WikiFXs official website (https://www.WikiFX.com/en) or download the WikiFX APP through this link (https://www.wikifx.com/en/download.html) to evaluate the safety and reliability of broker!

What is the truth beneath V5 Forex Global, as so many victims exposed it as a scam? (28)

I'm a seasoned financial analyst with years of experience in the forex and trading industry. My expertise spans across various aspects of online trading, including broker analysis, market trends, regulatory compliance, and risk management strategies. Over the years, I've closely monitored the dynamics of the forex market and witnessed the evolution of trading platforms and brokerages.

The article you've provided discusses the alarming situation surrounding V5 Forex Global, an online forex broker that has come under intense scrutiny due to numerous complaints from traders unable to withdraw their funds. Let's break down the concepts mentioned in the article:

  1. V5 Forex Global:

    • A newly-established forex and CFD brokerage offering online trading services to institutional and retail clients.
    • Claims to offer STP/ECN execution with no trader intervention.
    • Provides access to various financial markets, including forex, metals, indices, cryptocurrencies, and shares.
    • Promotes competitive trading conditions such as low spreads, fast execution, and advanced trading tools.
    • However, it faces allegations of being involved in fraudulent activities and scamming traders.
  2. Regulatory Status:

    • V5 Forex Global claims to be regulated by the NFA with license number 0554281, but investigations reveal unauthorized regulatory status.
    • WikiFX assigns a low score of 1.12/10 to V5 Forex Global, highlighting the evident risk associated with investing in this broker.
  3. Relationship with MTFE:

    • A YouTuber named "Jannats Vlog" uploaded a video mentioning V5 Forex Global and directing viewers to register on MTFE, an untrusted broker known for blocking withdrawals and providing fake signals.
    • Speculation arises about potential cooperation or a shared team between V5 Forex Global and MTFE.
  4. Complaints and Allegations:

    • Multiple cases of traders experiencing significant losses, unauthorized trade closures, negative account balances, and difficulties withdrawing funds.
    • Complaints suggest manipulation of trades, exorbitant commissions, and questionable leverage practices by V5 Forex Global.
  5. WikiFX's Response:

    • WikiFX publishes articles to expose V5 Forex Global's fraudulent activities and warns traders to steer clear of the broker.
    • They urge investors to exercise vigilance and verify the regulatory status of brokers before investing.
    • The platform actively reaches out to victims and provides updates on unscrupulous brokers to protect investors' interests.

In conclusion, the case of V5 Forex Global underscores the importance of due diligence and caution in the forex trading industry. Traders must prioritize safety and reliability when choosing a brokerage, and platforms like WikiFX serve as valuable resources for evaluating the legitimacy of brokers and safeguarding against potential scams.

What is the truth beneath V5 Forex Global, as so many victims exposed it as a scam? (2024)


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