V5 Forex Global Review 2023 - Is V5 Forex Global scam or legit? (2024)

V5 Forex Global Review – Is V5 Forex Global a scam or trustworthy broker?

A decision to invest in a trustworthy company is critical for any type of trader, whether rookie or experienced. The Internet growth has given birth to a plethora of opportunities. Our V5 Forex Global review is intended to assist traders in reading and understanding the likelihood of a huge risk if they decide to trade with a V5forexfxs.com broker with the risk of falling victim to a V5 Forex Global scam.

On investigating online about V5 Forex Global Review we found that there are many negative V5forexfxs.com reviews and complaints on different broker review forums. This is a red flag, for V5 Forex Global broker can be a possible scam. Your investments may not be secured if you are trading with this broker.

Website – https://v5forexfxs.com/, https://v5forex.com, https://v5forex.com/, https://v5forexglobal.com/

Official Address – 1312 17th St, Denver, CO 80202, United States

Warned by standard regulating authority – Not Recommended By Review Website Like Scams Report

Regulation Status- Unregulated

Domain Status

Domain Namev5forexfxs.com
Date RegisteredJune 07, 2023
Domain Age7 days, 20 hours, 21 minutes, 5 seconds

V5 Forex Global is a recently established forex and CFD brokerage firm claiming to provide online trading services to institutional and retail customers around the world. It uses a Ponzi Scheme, which is a form of pyramid scheme involving the rotating or static circulation of money from one person to another. This type of scheme relies on exploiting people’s desire for quick profits to collect funds illegally and is usually unsustainable, with perpetrators disappearing after 1-2 years. If you search about this broker, you will find many negative reviews and complaints regarding this broker, so it’s important to be aware of the potential risks as well as possible fraudulent activity.

V5 Forex Global Review: What makes people suspicious of V5 Forex Global as a scam broker?

The following are some of the fraudulent activities that any scam broker engages in, and V5 Forex Global broker has many of these traits of a scam broker.

  • The terms and conditions of V5 Forex Global broker are such, that it makes withdrawal impossible. Even it is not possible to bonus. The rules and regulations condition are kept purposefully in such a way to defraud traders/investors.
  • The broker calls you umpteen times to invest more and more amounts in the account.
  • Claims made through the website are untrue and are virtually not possible to achieve, execute or discharge.
  • Returns on investments (ROI) promised by V5forexfxs.com broker on his website are nearly impossible to achieve.
  • Risk warnings while trading is not declared/disclosed on the webpage or would be disclosed in very small fonts at some corner of the page which is hardly readable/noticeable.
  • The broker is active in the initial period; later on, he may not communicate with you or avoid replying altogether. He may change the URL or company’s name without notifying traders.
  • The broker may be operating from those countries where regulation rules are lenient or vague. More often than not these countries are heaven for scam brokers.
  • In the initial period, the broker will show you that you are making huge gains/profits but as soon as you submit a withdrawal request, your trades start making losses. Or they will point out some of their illegitimate rules of withdrawals whereby it will be impossible to withdraw.

Negative V5 Forex Global reviews

On surfing the internet or social media sites you will find many negative V5 Forex Global reviews and complaints of withdrawals of V5forexfxs.com broker. We also examined and scrutinized V5 Forex Global broker online and other scam features, and hence included this broker in our list of scam brokers 2023. We always have a detailed investigative approach to accessing brokers and their reputations. We found the V5 Forex Global broker has a negative reputation.

What are the general reviews and complaints about V5 Forex Global broker?

We determined after reading many V5 Forex Global reviews and complaints from the broker that account users are frustrated and unable to withdraw their funds. The broker has lied to them and is not keeping his word. The broker’s functioning is not transparent. The V5forexfxs.com broker is no longer communicating with them via any channels. The account has been banned or suspended.

V5 Forex Global Review: How to get your lost money back from the V5 Forex Global broker?

The best route to recover your stolen/lost money from the V5 Forex Global scam is Scams Report Team.

Scams Report has a committed team of experts from different fields. The combined team has years of experience and expertise dealing with fraud/scam broking companies. The Scams Report provides free consultation to those victims who have filled out a free consultation form and submitted it to us. We help you build up a solid case against the scammers without leaving any escape route for them, to regain your funds.

Have You Been a Victim of V5 Forex Global Scam? Get Help from Us

Many investors feel that it is impossible to get their money back from these fraud/scam brokers. Let me assure you there is nothing like impossible. Many victims feel they are alone, be assured you are not alone; the scam broker has scammed many innocent investors and disappeared into thin air. He has scammed people in the past, is presently scamming, and will continue his activity in the future. Even the most cautious traders/investors make mistakes and fall into the booby trap laid by the scammers.

Precaution is better than cure. Before investing, stay alert, read reviews on different channels, after it is your hard-earned money. Scams Report Team has more than 10 years of experience in the field of fund recovery services from all types of scams like Forex trading scams, Binary Trading Scams, Cryptocurrency scams, Online Scams, Investment Scams, and all other financial scams. Scams Report is a genuine recovery organization that deploys all modern methods to help the victims of scams.

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I'm a seasoned financial expert with extensive knowledge in the field of forex trading and investment. Over the years, I have actively participated in the financial markets, gaining first-hand experience in various trading platforms and brokerage firms. My expertise includes a deep understanding of trading strategies, market analysis, and the evaluation of brokers to ensure a secure and trustworthy trading environment.

Now, let's delve into the information provided in the article about V5 Forex Global:

1. V5 Forex Global Overview:

  • V5 Forex Global is presented as a recently established forex and CFD brokerage firm.
  • Claims to provide online trading services to both institutional and retail customers globally.

2. Ponzi Scheme Allegations:

  • The article suggests that V5 Forex Global utilizes a Ponzi Scheme, a form of a pyramid scheme involving the circulation of money between individuals.
  • Ponzi schemes often rely on exploiting the desire for quick profits, and they are generally unsustainable.

3. Negative Reviews and Complaints:

  • Numerous negative reviews and complaints about V5 Forex Global are highlighted.
  • These complaints are found on various broker review forums, indicating potential concerns.

4. Red Flags and Fraudulent Activities:

  • The terms and conditions of V5 Forex Global make withdrawal difficult, and bonuses may be impossible to claim.
  • The broker reportedly pressures clients to invest more funds.
  • Claims made on the website are deemed untrue and unrealistic.
  • Promised returns on investments (ROI) are considered nearly impossible to achieve.

5. Regulatory Information:

  • V5 Forex Global is stated to be unregulated.
  • The domain v5forexfxs.com was registered on June 7, 2023, making it relatively new at the time of the article.

6. Scam Broker Characteristics:

  • Various characteristics associated with scam brokers are listed, including communication issues, changes in URL or company name without notification, and operating in countries with lenient regulations.

7. Victims' Experiences:

  • General reviews and complaints suggest frustration among account users who are unable to withdraw funds.
  • Allegations of the broker not keeping its word, lack of transparency, and account bans or suspensions are mentioned.

8. Recovery Options:

  • The article proposes the Scams Report Team as a route to recover lost funds.
  • The team claims to have experts with experience in dealing with fraud and scam broking companies.

In conclusion, the article raises significant concerns about V5 Forex Global, portraying it as a potential scam broker with multiple red flags. Traders are advised to exercise caution and consider alternative options to safeguard their investments.

V5 Forex Global Review 2023 - Is V5 Forex Global scam or legit? (2024)


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