How to Spend the Summer Solstice By Zodiac Sign (2024)

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The summer solstice 2024 in the Northern Hemisphere commences on June 20, bringing the start of a new season and the sun’s ingress into the zodiac sign Cancer. When the Earth’s poles tilt towards the sun, the solstice begins, bringing with it the longest day of the year. Midsummer has been celebrated around the world and by different cultures since the Stone Age (at least that’s when there was the first recorded evidence). Honoring the solstice gives us a chance to appreciate the circle of life, Earth, and nature. A new season is dawning, and with that comes new opportunities. The following day, the first full moon of summer lights up the sky, allowing us to manifest our heart’s desires for the upcoming months. All the more reason why the summer solstice 2024 is nothing short of magical.

Looking for ways to celebrate the summer solstice? Check out these recommendations for your zodiac sign.


Being that you're a fire sign, candle magic is sublime. Use a gold candle (the color of the sun) and carve your name on it. Think of a hope you want to bring to fruition. Write it down on paper, fold it up, and place it under a bowl of ice water. Put the candle in the bowl. Light the candle as you think of your aspiration. As it burns, envision your dreams taking flight.


One way to your heart is through good food. When paired with the company of those you care about and made with love, the taste is even sweeter. Indulge in the merriment by planning a decadent outdoor feast with friends. Gather your crew for an evening of storytelling, singing, reminiscing, manifesting, and dancing with fresh seasonal fruit, vegetables, and cakes. The laughs and memories you create with your squad during the solstice will last forever.


Volunteer at a charity event to embrace your humanitarian side and give back to the community. Whether it be tutoring, teaching yoga, or drawing caricatures, your time will be well spent connecting with neighbors for a good cause. Also, you’ll be able to socialize and meet like-minded people who could become your new pals — so be sure to get their IG handle and invite them to any upcoming gatherings this summer.


A reset with nature is the best medicine. This is your season, so it’ll benefit you to connect with nature, especially the element of water. If you are able to meditate on the beach, or by a lake or pond, you’ll feel the energy heal and cleanse your aura. It’ll be restorative and rejuvenating to your body, mind, and spirit, allowing you to take on anything that comes your way this summer with gusto and determination.

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We all know that you like to be showy, which is why wearing bright hues like red, orange, and yellow is a must for the solstice. Color magic will help in attracting confidence during the summer season. You’ll be able to rev up the mood and maintain a positive atmosphere. Plus, these colors will enchant others to be drawn towards you. These sunny shades will strengthen your spirit as well as the feels of your besties.


Plant seeds for the future. Gardening while setting an intention will not only make your visions a reality, but also show Mother Earth how thankful you are for bestowing lush greenery, beauty, and abundance upon you. As you carefully place the seeds in the soil, state an aspiration that you wish to bring to life. The full moon on June 21 (the day after the solstice) will cement your hopes and desires to come true.


Usually, you put the needs of others before yours. The warm weather and sunny skies are encouraging YOU to focus on YOU. Get a mani-pedi with cool nail art, change your hair color (apricot is an ideal choice this season), or post thirst traps on social media. You're ready to take the lead and do things that make you happy on your terms without having to answer to anyone (except your parents, who’ll be onboard).


The solstice is an extremely potent time. Use the solar energy to charge crystals (particularly topaz, citrine, carnelian, sunstone, and orange calcite), tarot and oracle decks, pendulums, and other magical tools. This amplifies the vibe they give off, as well as uncovers spiritual messages from the universe. Lay them under the sun (either outside or inside by a windowsill) and let these objects soak up the rays to provide greatness and authenticity to readings.


Although you’re joined at the hip with your BFF and significant other, you could use a moment to check in and reconnect with yourself. Journal your emotions and take stock of how you feel during the solstice. You might even want to take your notebook to the park or backyard and write down your innermost sentiments as the sun illuminates its glow upon you to ensure that you're aligning with the truest version of yourself.


If you're crushing on someone or wanting to DTR, the solstice is a great day to let your feelings known. Write a letter to your boo and hand deliver it to them. Your words will speak to their heart and passions. Chances are, you'll have a summer romance blossoming ASAP. As long as you’re honest and ready to jump into love, the odds will be in your favor. You’ll be hard launching by summer’s end.


You’ve been burning the midnight oil by putting your studies above play, and you are beginning to experience mild burnout. Now that school is in recess for the summer season, it’s time for you to get some R&R. A simple way to decompress during the solstice is to gather fresh lavender and mint twigs. Combine the two into a sachet and place under your pillow to ensure you get peaceful rest to restore your vitality.


Since creativity is on your mind, put your artistry to work! Making a beautiful solstice inspired sun catcher for your home or for a friend’s dwelling will not only ignite your talents, but also bring joy. You relish in DIY activities that spark your imagination. This particular project will be especially meaningful because it will connect you to nature and be made with TLC. Nothing is more special than something that comes from the heart

How to Spend the Summer Solstice By Zodiac Sign (2024)


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